Utah Bounce 2020 Club Season
AAU Tournament Dates for 12’s, 13’s, 14’s, 15’s, & 16’s Silver Teams

January 17-18 Blizzard Seeding (14’s)
January 24-25 Frozen Seeding (12, 13, 15, &16’s)

 February 1st Groundhog Day (14’s)
February 8th Lori Richards Memorial (12, 13, 15, &16’s)

 February 15th Presidents Day (14’s)
February 22nd Last Snowflake (12, 13, 15, &16’s)

 February 29th Leap Year (14’s)
March 7th Ken Erickson Open (12, 13, 15, &16’s)
March 14th Spring Break (14’s) 

 March 20-21st Utah Grand Prix (12, 13, 15, &16’s)
March 27-28th Utah Grand Prix (14’s)

 April 4th April Showers (12, 13, 15, &16’s)
April 11th Easter Weekend (No Tournaments)

May 1-2nd Utah AAU District Championships (All Ages)

We participate in the NUVA tournaments

**Make sure to check the nuva.me website before every tournament to ensure no changes have been made!**

*16’s Elite Traveling Team elects to participate in select NUVA, Power League, and Out of State Tournaments.
Contact Bounce Manager for Schedule*