13’s Team Coach- KarLee & Brooklyn



Hi everyone! My name is KarLee Eddings and I am so excited to be able to coach you all this year! I started playing volleyball when I was 11 years old, and when I turned 12 I was given the opportunity to play here at Bounce. Once I hit high school, I started playing for Bear River High School. Right now, I am currently going to school to become a physical therapist. I am so excited to coach because I want to be able to share my love for the game with others, and hopefully show my team that playing for Bounce makes you part of a family, not just a team.


Hello everyone! My name is Brooklyn Nelson. I started playing volleyball when I was 13 years old at Utah Bounce. I played at Rocky Mountain Jr High, Fremont High School, and Northridge High School. Outside of volleyball, I enjoy riding horses and hunting. I am also currently enrolled as a cosmetology student and enjoy doing hair. I love coaching because I love sharing my love for volleyball with others. I am thrilled to be able to teach what I have learned throughout the years to this team!